cheetah-cub-robotWe have seen our fair share of robots in the past, and one of those cheetah robots are definitely a thing of beauty and wonder. After all, such a robot certainly adds to the imagination, where our military is aided by them electronic “creatures” who could very well inspire fear into enemy soldiers. Who would not when faced with a killer robot, anyways? Over in Switzerland, laboratories of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have come up with this feline like four-legged metallic robot which was modeled after your ordinary tabby cat, or house cat, if you will.

The team of scientists behind this project kept their focus on designing legs in order to have it move in the same manner as that of the ordinary house cat, where it will pay particular attention to its stability while moving on uneven surfaces. Of course, the road is a long and hard one ahead before this invention ends up as a graceful tool to present to the masses, but at least it is a quick mover, being able to run seven times its body length in a matter of a single second. It is hoped that the advent of this robot would increase interest in the world of new robots which will be involved in exploration and search-and-rescue missions down the road.

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