grand-theft-auto-gta-5-screens-5-8-13-7Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, and hopefully PC too if this listing is accurate. While that is great for gamers who own either of the platforms, what about gamers who plan to get the new consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox One? Will Rockstar be releasing a version of GTA 5 for either next-gen console as well? Well perhaps not, at least not anytime soon according to Take-Two Interactive’s CEO who believes that the sales of the game will not be impacted too greatly despite the lack of support for next-gen consoles.

Speaking to MCV in a recent interview, Strauss Zelnick is basing his statement on the fact that the playerbase of current-gen console owners is higher and more substantial, meaning that they already have a wide audience that they can appeal to, versus the somewhat smaller number of next-gen console owners, especially during the early stages where gamers might still be somewhat hesitant to adopt either next-gen console. “The installed base of current generation consoles is estimated to be in excess of 120 million, and most of those consumers have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto V for years. Therefore, we expect there to be enormous consumer demand for Grand Theft Auto V regardless of when the next-generation consoles are released.”

Pretty sound reasoning, don’t you agree? Any would-be PS4 or Xbox One owners a bit bummed that GTA 5 will not be supporting next-gen consoles at this point in time?

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