halo-miniWait a minute here, how come there is nothing about the Covenant or Master Chief concerning the Halo Mini that you were reading about in the title? Well, we certainly do not plan on doing so in order to attract more readers, and neither was there any other choice, since the Halo Mini is as it is, being an illuminated collar for your pets thanks to the efforts of a certain Vincent Ng.

The Halo Mini is right now a Kickstarter project, so if you so happen to want one of these puppies wrapped around the neck of Fido, you might as well drop some serious coin for their effort. The Halo Mini is a redesigned dog collar that boasts of an ultra high quality, with a custom patented illumination system for the collar itself. To tell you the truth, our pooches have been doing fine without any sort of additional “clothes” or accessories such as these, but hey, anything to keep the economy going, no? After all, the Halo Mini dog collar would certainly come in handy if Fido loves running off on his own late into the night.

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