one-mini-uafIt was just earlier this week when we brought you word that the HTC One Mini has been confirmed to be the HTC M4, where the latter is actually its code name. Well, additional confirmation has just arrived, pointing out the HTC Mini One to be the real deal since its UA Profile has just been published, and from there, we are sure as a mountain goat that the HTC One Mini would come with a 720 x 1280-pixel resolution display. Just before we continue, let us do a little brushing up with terminologies here – a User Agent Profile (UA Prof) file would be a specification file which will detail the particular model of the device, in addition to other features before it becomes official. While coming up with such a file has not been made mandatory by regulatory bodies, it is normally done regardless by the phone’s manufacturer, and can be taken at face value of a device’s confirmation.

Other than the screen resolution, the UA Prof file did not manage to reveal or confirm anything else. Still, initial rumors point to the HTC One Mini as sporting a 4.3” 720p display, while carrying a similar unibody aluminum chassis like its bigger flagship sibling.

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