wwdc-ios-appWe’ve been hearing all sorts of things about the upcoming iOS 7 which is expected to make its debut at Apple’s WWDC conference, but given that these are all rumors and speculation, should we believe any of them to begin with? Speaking on The Talk Show podcast, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber spoke up regarding the various rumors we’ve been hearing about prior to WWDC, and he even made a statement claiming that one of his sources has told him that “all the leaks are wrong” with regards with iOS 7.

Gruber has some connections within Apple so more often than not, he has been pretty reliable when it comes to debunking some of the more outlandish rumors we’ve been hearing about in the past. However in this case, Gruber admits that he has not heard much about iOS 7, but he has heard from a source that the leaks are wrong. We’re not sure if by “leaks” it means the alleged screenshot we saw awhile back, or if they’re talking about the rumors in general. Either way with WWDC just around the corner, we guess we will only have to wait a few hours before we see if the rumors/leaks/speculations pan out!

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