iOS 7

WhatsApp Will Stop Supporting iOS 7 In 2020
Considering that iOS 12 will be released later this year, this means that iOS 7 was about five years ago. While it’s safe bet that the majority of iOS users are probably already on the latest version of iOS, WhatsApp has since updated its support where they state that the app will no longer support iOS 7 in 2020.

Apple Stops Signing For iOS 7.1.2, Downgrade No Longer Possible
Are you unhappy about the changes Apple has made to iOS 8? For the most part they are improvements, although we guess some iOS users might not be too happy because the new features might be causing their phones to perform slower than before. Unfortunately it looks like if you wanted to downgrade back to iOS 7, you’re out of luck.

iOS 8 Crash Rate Found To Be Higher Than iOS 7
iOS 8 was released last week and already users have started complaining about issues they are facing after updating to the new iteration. This behavior is not unusual for a new major software update and whatever kinks are surfacing now will surely be taken care of in future incremental updates. Another behavior usually seen after a major software release is a bump in crash rates and iOS 8 is no different. […]

Vizzywig 4K App Launches On iTunes For A Jaw Dropping $999.99
Apps are priced differently as it will differ from developer to developer. Some apps, like those published by Square Enix, tends to be a bit on the pricey side, but for the most part apps cost about a dollar or so. Well if you thought that apps that cost $5 was expensive, here’s something that could shock you.It seems that Apple has recently approved an app called Vizzywig 4K which […]


Chitika: iOS 7 At 90% Adoption Rate Ahead Of Apple's Announcement
In a couple of hours, Apple is expected to officially announce the iPhone 6. Now we expect that when Apple does release the iPhone 6 that it will come with iOS 8 preinstalled, but in the meantime could we be getting a solid release date for iOS 8 at the event? We doubt it will be released today since the GM builds have yet to be seeded, but hopefully a […]

iOS 7 Adoption Rate Is Currently At 90%, According To Apple
Despite initial hesitance at adopting iOS 7 due to the new graphics and visual changes Apple made to the operating system, the latest figures revealed by Apple has confirmed that iOS 7’s adoption rate is currently sitting at 90%. This is according to the App Store Developer support page which shows the official numbers gathered by Apple.This seems to be in line with what we have heard previously where iPhone […]

iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak Is Possible
Yesterday Apple released iOS 7.1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Its an incremental update that mainly features bug fixes and stability improvements. Though there was the possibility that Apple may have patched the exploit used by Pangu’s iOS 7.x untethered jailbreak. It has now been confirmed that the exploit hasn’t been patched in this update, so those who had been holding out on the update can go ahead and […]

iOS 7.1.2 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Released
Apple today released a new software update for its iOS devices. iOS 7.1.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been released and it is now available for download. Supported devices will soon enough receive a notification about the new update, prompting users to download and install it at their convenience. This is by no means a major update, its an incremental release that primarily brings bug fixes and stability […]

iOS 7.1.2 Rumored For Release In The Coming Weeks
There have been several issues with regards to iOS 7 that needs fixing. For starters there is the issue with iMessage that doesn’t seem to be able to remove users’ phone numbers from Apple’s servers, thus causing text messages to not deliver when the user switches to a different platform like Android. Apple promised it would be fixed in a future update. There is also an issue with the Mail […]

Activation Lock Decreases iPhone Theft In Three Major Cities
One of the reasons why iOS devices are stolen more than other brands and platforms is due to the fact that iPhones are in high demand, which means that there is just as much demand for them in the black market as there are in legitimate markets. This is why Apple has stepped up security with features like Activation Lock, prevent thieves from wiping the device unless they can verify […]

iOS 7 Adoption Was Slightly Faster
When a new software update is released, we’re sure that many are eager to get their hands on it right away. This is because updates usually come with bug fixes and address problems from the previous version. Some updates are huge in the sense that they will revamp the UI, add new features, and so on.Now we know that iOS 7’s adoption rate was pretty fast, but as it turns […]

iOS 7 Lock Screen Bug Provides Access In Under Five Seconds
This isn’t the first iOS 7 lock screen bug to catch our attention. Ever since the update was released late last year multiple similar bugs have been discovered which open up the gate to unauthorized access. The latest one allows anyone to gain access to a locked iOS 7 device under five seconds provided that certain conditions are met.

iOS 7 Adoption Rate At 90% For iPhone, 85% For iPad Ahead Of WWDC
Come WWDC 2014 next week, we expect Apple to unveil iOS 8, although chances of iOS 8 being released will probably be in the later part of the year alongside the release of the iPhone 6. That being said, Chitika has recently revealed some new numbers and according to their findings, it seems that iOS 7’s adoption levels are at 90% for iPhone users, and 85% for iPad users, which […]

iOS 7.1.2 Release Expected Soon, To Bring Major Bug Fixes
Recently there have been many reports about a couple of iOS bugs that have surfaced and even though Apple has said that it is aware of them it hasn’t exactly rolled out a fix. That might change in the very near future. It looks like the iOS 7.1.2 release is just around the corner. Devices running on this firmware have already shown up in web logs and even though activity is […]