lightning-returnsFor every beginning, there must be an end. Having said that, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII would signal the end of the trilogy, where the entire shebang has taken four years to arrive at its conclusion. This would also mark the two year mark after Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released, and Lightning Returns will roll out on February 11 in North America, February 14 in Europe (seems to be a decent Valentine’s Day gift then if your other half is a Final Fantasy fan), for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

A trailer of it has been released, where Snow marks a return, and if nothing in the trailer made much sense to you, fret not. Bsaically, Final Fantasy XIII-2 itself is already a convoluted mess concerning the time travel in the storyline itself. I guess you basically just have to play the game to figure out the rest of it for yourself. Hopefully on the showfloors of E3, we will be able to see more about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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