Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest online marketplace, it is used by millions of people who wish to purchase a wide variety of products. According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft was apparently working on an Amazon like online marketplace, but in the end it thought better and dropped those plans. Microsoft had reportedly gone as far as setting up business models and talking with technology companies as well as retailers. The company considered subsidizing the prices of products that would be available in its marketplace by using revenue generated from ads on Bing or on the marketplace.

The Journal claims Microsoft has confirmed to them that they have not stopped developing this marketplace, which was codenamed “Brazil.” The reasons behind this move are not known, but according to the report, Microsoft wants to build a better online shopping experience for which it is finding new ways. The company apparently wanted to make this marketplace available as part of Windows software, with it being expanded to other products such as Xbox consoles, smartphones and tablets in the future. There’s no telling if such a project will be taken up again by Redmond in the future.

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