A few days ago some reports claiming that Microsoft was looking to bring its first-party games over to iOS and Android were circulating online. This would make it the first time that such titles were released for mobile devices that don’t run Windows Phone OS. It was rumored that Microsoft and Japanese smartphone game developer Klab were signing a deal that would see Klab making titles for Microsoft which would eventually make their way over to the other two platforms. Microsoft’s internal game studio’s vice president, Phil Spencer, has tweeted out a clarification today saying that the company is not going to be bringing its first-party titles over to non-Microsoft devices.

Klab is actually developing a mobile version of Age of Empires which will be released for both iOS and Android later this year. It will be free to play and players will be given the option to make in-app purchases. Microsoft has said that Klab will be collaborating with it to make the mobile version, but that certainly doesn’t mean that its first party titles like Forza and Halo will be released for other platforms as well. This AoE mobile version will come from directly from Klab.

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