nokia-lumia-925-preview-03It is not surprising that users of one mobile platform jump to another from time to time. Some are looking for something different, while others are looking for something that their previous operating system could not offer them, and with iOS and Android being the most popular, one could not be blamed if they thought that Blackberry 10 or Windows Phone users are jumping ship to either platform due to their popularity.

However that might not necessarily be the case, according to Principal Program Manager, Sam George, who spoke at Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference. According to George, their stats have shown that 23% of Windows Phone owners are actually bought by Android users who are looking to “upgrade”. The numbers go on to state that almost half of Windows Phone devices were upgrades from feature phones.

While 23% does seem like a pretty big number for Windows Phone, it is only a fraction as far as Android is concerned, especially since at the moment Android commands the greatest slice of the smartphone market share pie, but what do you guys think? Any Android or iOS users switched to Windows Phone and loving it?

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