Microsoft E3 2013 Presentation Will Feature 20 Xbox Games


[E3 2013] Microsoft is set to kick off their E3 press conference in a little over an hour, and judging by the majority of gamers’ response from their Xbox One unveiling as well as clarifying a number of key points for the console, they have an uphill battle for this year’s E3. Showing off what games we can expect for the Xbox One would be a great way to kick off E3, and it looks like that’s exactly what Microsoft has planned for today’s presentation.

The news comes for GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley who spoke with Microsoft executive Phil Spencer, who said a total of 20 games will be shown for the Xbox. We’re not sure just how many of those games will be Xbox One or Xbox 360 games, but we’re sure you’re hoping the majority of those 20 games will be used to showcase Xbox One software. Hopefully whatever Microsoft has waited for E3 to show its potential customers will make them forget about how the Xbox One will make it difficult for the used-game market as well as require to be regularly connected to the Internet in order to function.

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