lego-machineHave you ever stopped for a moment to take stock and wonder just how those tiny bricks that you call Lego, millions upon millions of them, can be churned out day by day in amazing numbers, and with such a little rate of failure, so much so that the same piece would still fit with something produced 30 years back? Yeah, that is reliability that is beyond the mind’s capability to grasp, and a physicist who is working at the Niels Bohr Institute is so enamoured with Lego, so much so that he had already spent over 80 hours to create a fiftieth-scale model of the Large Hadron Collider’s ATLAS detector.

Sascha Mehlhase intends to officially release his creation, where the original itself is being shown off at the Institute itself, although Mehlhase is convicted that bringing his creation to a larger audience would eventually help foster a healthy interest in physics among the masses. After all, anyone who has seen it in real life might be stoked to check out the real deal, and in the process, could be the next Stephen Hawking in the making, don’t you think so? Which Lego model has inspired you the most to date?

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