How many of you out there have played with Microsoft Paint back in the days when it was just an app that kids used in Microsoft Windows 3.1 and above? Well, Microsoft recently rolled out Fresh Paint for Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone 8, which has accompanied the loyal servant, Microsoft Paint, that has been part of all of the versions of Windows to date. How good are your skills with Microsoft Paint? Why not check out the video above and see this 97-year old man from Cleveland actually using Microsoft Paint despite being legally blind.

Lasko was introduced to Microsoft Paint back in 1990s, where he ended up legally blind 8 years ago. Despite that, he still spends 10 hours each day, working on his artwork using Microsoft Paint. Check out Lasko’s efforts in the YouTube video above, and you will be shocked for sure. In a pleasant way, of course. Right now, Lasko is making a living selling prints of his work for $98 a pop, where 10% of the sales will end up at the Veterans of Foreign Wars programs. Sounds like a win-win situation, no?

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