corning-antireflectionWhen it comes to the displays of our smartphones and tablets, Corning is definitely one of the major players, if not the biggest when it comes to supplying manufacturers with tough glass displays for use with their products. Now it looks like Corning will be stepping up and taking their products one step further with a new glass they are developing which according to the company, will be both extremely anti-reflective and extremely resistant to germs, a supposed first in the display industry. According to the new glass that Corning is developing, in theory they claim that it should be able to withstand the weight of 10,000 elephants and will be barely 1% less transparent than air on a clear day!

The fact that it could be extremely anti-reflective and germ resistant will help increase its appeal even more. After all, what use is a phone when under direct sunlight you are unable to see what’s on your screen without having to shade the display, or crank up the brightness? Plus for folks who are really particular about their phones getting dirty after being placed to their faces or the faces of friends can rest a bit easier knowing that the germ resistance will be taking care of that. No word on when Corning will be done developing this glass and start selling them to manufacturers, but a rough timeframe of “in the next two years” was provided.

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