Video games make players eat moreWhile many of us enjoy video games, there are always those who are against it for some reason or the other. Some blame video games for causing violence, while others find that video games actually has medical benefits, but this latest study conducted by Dr. Eric Lewkowiez, a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist at Georgia Regents University, it seems that according to his study, playing too much video games can always lead to suicidal thoughts! Admittedly playing video games can get frustrating when you’re stuck at a level you can’t pass, or if you’re playing with an inept team mate, and while that frustration can lead to destruction of personal property, could it actually lead to suicide?

According to Dr. Lewkowiez, “There’s an increase a risk of suicidal thinking….Another thing that we know is if you’re playing video games that takes away from your school work, your grades are going to suffer.” He goes on to state that those who are most susceptible to these thoughts are those aged 13 years and younger. He claims that he has patients telling him that they have nightmares due to these games and have a hard time sleeping at night. Unsurprisingly Dr. Lewkowiez advocates moderation when it comes to playing video games, a sentiment which we wholeheartedly support, but what do you guys think?

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