The linking of violent video games to actual violence seems to be the topic these days and a few days ago, a survey has revealed that 75% of parents think that violent video games actually leads to real violence in their children. In fact it has recently been proposed that a sales tax be imposed on games deemed to be violent, perhaps in a bid to discourage sales. Now it seems that in a recent press announcement by President Barack Obama, he has revealed that he has tasked the Center for Disease Control to study the causes of violent behavior, and that Congress should look into researching the effects of violent video games on young minds. President Obama did not specifically target video games in his press announcement, but it was mentioned as part of the study nonetheless. A funding of $10 million is expected to be allocated by Congress. It should be noted that in the past, research has already been conducted on the link between violent video games and actual violence, but the researchers at that time concluded that there was no link. Perhaps with the $10 million budget, additional research can be carried out which will hopefully result in a more conclusive decision.

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