fb-winThere is nothing quite like a major upgrade or update to an app to give it a new lease of life, especially when bugs and other niggling issues have been fixed along the way. Having said that, the official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 has now picked up a major upgrade, where it is now known as Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8.


Just what kind of goodies can we expect from this particular update? Well, for starters, it will arrive with a bunch of new features as well as improvements that users have been hankering after all this while, including a revamp of the user interface, better navigation, support for high-res pictures, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline view among others. How has your Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8 experience been so far? Is it up to your expectations, or did you expect a whole lot more (or less)?

Just in case you are also a future forward person, there is another Facebook Beta app that can be downloaded separately, where this particular app enables you to preview as well as provide direct feedback on upcoming changes to the app. Who says that Microsoft does not listen to their customers?

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