Google Glass For Working Dogs?

glass-working-dogsGoogle Glass has already captured the first fight and arrest, but will we be able to see Google Glass function in ways that we would not have thought of before? I suppose the answer could be yes, especially when you consider a meld between animal and machine – as in, Google Glass for working dogs, of course. Right now, Google is said to be working alongside the Georgia Institute of Technology in order to develop a pair of Google Glass hardware for our four legged friends. These dogs would be working dogs, such as those who patrol our borders, sniff out bombs beforehand, and even try to locate dead bodies, and a pair of Google Glass would be able to facilitate a way to communicate with their handlers remotely – not to mention to allow their handlers to view things through from their eye level.

According to Thad Starner, technical lead of Google Glass, Google has teamed up with professors at the Georgia Institute to develop a computerized harness. This project is known as FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations), as dogs can be trained in order to activate a sensor via a bite, where relevant information will then be sent to its handler.

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