gta5-strategySome gamers love completing every single mission in a game to get all the achievements, while others prefer rushing to the end just to find out what happens, but in any case sometimes a game might prove too hard for the novice gamer to complete and that’s where strategy guides come in. Well if you’d like to get your GTA 5 experience off to a good start, BradyGames has announced a pair of strategy guides for Rockstar’s upcoming game. There will be a standard edition, and a limited edition copy that we guess diehard fans will probably want to get their hands on.

Both copies will feature the same content, such as providing complete walkthroughs for the game, mission maps, coverage of all off-mission activities, but the limited edition will come in hardcover, and will also come with an exclusive lithograph of all GTA 5 artwork, illustrations, along with tips and tactics that are typically included with BradyGames’ Signature Series guide. The standard edition is priced at 14.99 GBP, while the limited edition will go for 19.99 GBP and both are available for pre-order via BradyGames’ website.

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