Rockstar Games impressed nearly everyone who watched the first gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V last week, and soon after its release, we learned both weapons and vehicles would be customizable in the game. Those don’t look to be the only things that are customizable in Grand Theft Auto V as it looks like you’ll also be able to customize and modify your dog in the game, Chop.

Players won’t be able to choose a different breed of canine as Grand Theft Auto V only allows Chop to be a full-grown rottweiler, but you’ll be able to choose a variety of collars, clothes and additional accessories to make your dog the baddest on the block. You’ll also need to manage Chop as it’s possible to lose him forever if you don’t keep a close eye on him during play.

Being able to customize Chop seems like a nice touch in Grand Theft Auto V, but we’re curious just how easy it is to lose him while playing the game. If it’s anything like a real dog, we’re sure it’ll be extremely easy to lost him if we’re in the middle of running over pedestrians and causing all sorts of havoc in the game.

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