In case you happened to be living under a rock up until today, Rockstar Games released the first gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Since its release, GTA fans have been trying to learn as much information regarding the title even more so now that they see just how awesome the game is turning out to be. It turns out some pretty important information regarding customization within the game has been revealed.

Grand Theft Auto V will allow for players to be able to modify their weapons and customize their vehicles, where in previous versions neither was possible beyond simply spray painting your car when you needed to lose the cops. Players will be able to install various mods on their weapons, such as extended clips / magazines, suppressors, scopes and cosmetic changes.

As for vehicle customizations, it’ll be more elaborate in Grand Theft Auto V as you’ll be able to change a vehicle’s complete body through kits and paint jobs, as well as more detailed alterations such as tire smoke color, the horn your vehicle uses and tuning your engine. Some missions even ask you to customize your vehicle in a certain way in order to progress.

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