LG Might Have Windows Phone 8 Handset In TowWhen it comes to Windows Phone 8 smartphones, two names basically stand out at the moment, with Nokia being the leading light (what with the Finnish smartphone manufacturer still basking in the limelight with its Nokia Lumia 1020 release) and Samsung having just a tiny number of Windows Phone 8 devices, will there be other players to the market? The answer might be in the affirmative, as LG could very well be the candidate that takes up this particular mantle.

According to LG’s Managing Director for the Indian market, Soon H. Kwon, “At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone.” That might cause a fair number of people to sit up and prick their ears, but it is fair enough that Kwon did mention that LG has not yet arrived at a decision as to roll out such a device to the mass markets. Who knows? It might eventually end up as a mere prototype that could surface on eBay many years down the road. Do you think LG would have made a splash in the Windows Phone 8 market? After all, they did release the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD smartphone panel recently.

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