Nokia-Lumia-1020-hands-on-review-1With iOS and Android taking the top two percentages in terms of market share, we’re sure many are wondering who is sitting in third? Both Microsoft’s Windows Phone and BlackBerry’s OS 10 are probably vying for that spot, at least for now, but it looks like BlackBerry could be falling behind. According to the recent figures, it was revealed that Nokia has managed to sell an impressive 7.4 million Lumia handsets last quarter, meaning that Nokia is currently outselling BlackBerry phones! This is pretty impressive given that last year BlackBerry managed to sell about two phones for every Lumia device sold. Given that Lumia phones aren’t exactly “monsters” in terms of their hardware compared to Android devices, we have to say that things are certainly looking up for Nokia and the Windows Phone platform. We can’t imagine what will happen when the GDR3 update from Microsoft is released in which we will see Windows Phone hardware with better specs, one of them being a Full HD 1080p display support. What do you guys think? Is Microsoft’s Windows Phone beating out BlackBerry?

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