The Nokia 9 PureView was released back in 2019 and was considered a flagship phone, but unfortunately for owners of the device, it seems that the phone isn’t being treated as such because according to a message on the Nokia website, it appears that the phone will not be updated to Android 11.

Yes, a phone that’s about 2 years old isn’t even getting Android 11, and don’t get us started on Android 12! According to the company, “Nokia phones are about offering the best possible smartphone experience, day in and day out. It’s something we take pride in. That is why we had to make the tough choice not to offer the Android 11 software upgrade for Nokia 9 PureView. Incompatibilities between the camera and the software would have led to a compromised experience that does not meet our high standards.”

To make it up to those who did buy the phone, the company has announced they will instead be offering customers a 50% discount on a budget Nokia phone like the Nokia XR20. It’s a very odd decision because why would anyone go from a high-end device to a budget handset, one that they would still have to pay for even with a 50% discount, just for an Android update?

Judging from the comments on Twitter, it seems that many owners of the handset aren’t too thrilled by this and moving forwards, we’re not sure if this is going to do the Nokia brand any favors.

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