xbox-x11For those of you who are at least 30 and above in age, I am quite sure that by now, you would have picked up enough memories in your history to pull at least a couple of silly and foolish things that you have attempted (successfully or otherwise) during your far younger days. I guess naming a thing or person can be the same, where the right name rolls of the tongue perfectly well, while the wrong or silly name would be a far more difficult mistake to endure. The original Xbox as we know it might sound cool, but did you know that it could have been called by something that is far less appealing? I am referring to the original Xbox being known as 11-X or Eleven-X, but thankfully, those monikers were never put into play.

Still, the list of potential names for the Xbox proved to be quite a long one, where other honorable mentions include FACE (Full Action Center), DirectX Box, and Midway (since this device happens to occupy the space between a PC and a console). Needless to say, Xbox too, had its fair share of indecisiveness due to the nature of the many different spellings available – X-Box, xBox, XboX, Xbox and X-box. I’m glad they finally settled on Xbox – how about you?

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