yahooastridDo you remember during the early days of the Internet, when you were young and foolish as well, especially when it came to applying for an email username? I am referring to your name with the year of birth at the end, such as, or something of the equivalent. Well, if you have been stuck with that email for the longest time, and want to change it into something that is more appropriate to reflect your current age, Yahoo! has just the tonic for you.

Yahoo! has opened up a wish list that allows one to to request inactive usernames. All you need to do is share your five main requests according to the order of your preference with August 7th as the deadline, and if you happen to be the first in line for such an account which has not been accessed in more than a year, you can welcome that account name by the middle of the month. It is nice to know that life does throw you second chances from time to time, and when it comes to a professional sounding email address, Yahoo! might have your back this time around if you’re lucky.

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