skymouseNow here is a new mouse that all of you plug-and-play types might love, considering it is one that decides to take the path less traveled. I am referring to the Kickstarter project that is known as Skymouse, where the Skymouse is capable of following the movements of your fingertips to provide a more novel method of controlling the on-screen cursor. The Skymouse would work this way, splitting things down to a couple of parts. The USB receiver will be placed on your desk while four of your fingertips will be covered by tiny, wearable tabs. Infrared LEDs and an IR camera will then do the work of tracking your finger movements.

Sounds like a whole lot more “work” to get the cursor moving compared to the good ol’ mouse. I guess this is a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but assuming it does open up a whole new world of computing possibilities, then perhaps helping it towards the $80,000 funding goal might be an idea worth considering, where $80 will net you a Skymouse when it is good and ready to go.

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