Earlier today we reported that at its “boldest moves yet” event, T-Mobile would be unveiling a new program called Jump!. Indeed it has, the carrier recently taunted AT&T for increasing iPhone upgrade eligibility to 24 months, through Jump it lets customers upgrade their devices twice a year. Customers will have to wait for six months after enrolling in this program before they can be eligible for the first device upgrade. This luxury will cost $10 per month. Total protection against device malfunction, loss or theft and damage is also included in the plan.

After six months past, customers can upgrade their existing T-Mobile smartphone which should be in “good working condition.” They will get the new one on the same price as new T-Mobile customers. The old installment plan will be scrapped and a new one will be charged based on the customer’s new device. Jump is in stark contrast to AT&T and Verizon’s upgrade cycles which have recently been increased to 24 months, if a customer wants to upgrade early on those carriers, he or she will have to pay the full unsubsidized price of the device. Enrollment for T-Mobile Jump! begins this Sunday.

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