Verizon wasn’t done announcing some of its upcoming changes as earlier this morning, they had revealed a new $35 prepaid plan. This afternoon, they’re announcing some changes to its customer’s upgrade eligibility, which you could probably have guessed, isn’t in the favor of the customer.

Subscribers who have contracts that will expire in January 2014 or later will have to wait an additional four months before they can purchase a new device at a discounted rate. This means that if you were hoping to pick up a new device through their 20-month upgrade cycle, you’ll now need to wait the full two years before you’re able to pick up a a new device, that is, unless you want to pay full retail for it.

That’s not the only change Verizon is announcing today as those on a multi-line account will still be able to share their upgrades with other users associated with the account, but it will only be eligible for a new device within the same category. In other words, you can only use something like a smartphone upgrade for a smartphone if you want to share it with another person on your account.

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