Concrete-Luna-Skin-iPhone5-Cover-Case-4We’ve seen iPhone cases made of a variety of materials, ranging from the more common plastic and rubber, to more luxurious finishes such as aluminum and even wood in some cases. Sometimes the goal of the case is to protect your phone, sometimes it’s to help make it look better, so if we had to guess, Korean studios’ Posh Crash and Realize’s Luna iPhone Skin might be something of a happy middle. In case it was not obvious in the photo above, the Luna iPhone Skin is made out of semi-flexible concrete and each “crater” pattern is said to be unique to each case, meaning that no two cases will be the same. No word on pricing yet but it is expected to go on sale soon. We have to admit that we’re pretty curious about it and how heavy it weighs, and if it will actually help protect your phone from drops and bumps, or if it merely is an aesthetic thing. What do you guys think? Is the Luna iPhone Skin an iPhone 5 case you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on?

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