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Upcoming iPhone Could Feature A7 Chip Made By Samsung

screen shot 2013 07 31 at 9 51 25 am1 640x337Earlier today thanks to an observation made in the new iOS 7 beta that was recently seeded to developers, it was found that the upcoming iPad mini could feature an A6 processor, the same processor which is used by the iPhone 5. However with the iPhone 5S rumored to be in the works and could launch later this year, what will the new iPhone be using? Unsurprisingly it seems that the iPhone 5S could use an A7 chipset, thanks to developer Nick Frey who found references to a certain S5L8960X chip which presumably is that of the A7.

Given that Apple tends to provide hardware upgrades in its iPhone ā€œSā€ devices, as opposed to a completely new phone, it is likely that this could be used in the upcoming iPhone 5S. As you can see in the screenshot above, the code makes references to Samsung which is interesting given that rumors earlier this year suggested that Apple would turn to TSMC for its A7 chips, and that Apple would return to Samsung only in 2015 for its A9 chips.

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