Sex sells, that goes without saying, but whether you do so in a tasteful manner or not is another question altogether. Vibease happens to be the world’s first ‘wearable smart vibrator’ that has just launched on Indiegogo in order to gain enough funding from the general public and hopefully, the faith that the public shows in the idea will be translated to enough money collected so that this hands-free Bluetooth-enabled vibrator will become a reality. What makes the Vibease so special is this – it will synchronize with an Android or iOS Fantasy app, where all you need to do is pick an audio fantasy track on the app, and the vibrator will move accordingly.

For instance, the Vibease will create sensations at different intensities or patterns, depending on the current fantasy that is being played back. Should the voice in the audio track say sultrily, “I’m touching you softly,” the vibration will end up at a soft intensity, but should it say, “I’m touching you hard,” the vibrations will increase in intensity accordingly. [Vibease Indiegogo Page]

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