Custom.Maid.3D.full.675799Have you ever heard about a game called Custom Maid 3D? If you haven’t, well let’s start by saying that it is definitely not a game for kids, and it is definitely NSFW. The basic premise is that you can create a custom maid in 3D and do sexual things to them using the Ju-C Air Support controller. For those unfamiliar, the Ju-C Air controller is a device where male gamers get to stick their privates in, and from there they get to pleasure themselves and the game will respond in kind. In any case this is somewhat old news as the game and device was revealed back in February, but what’s interesting is that while we’ve seen the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset used for more conventional games, it seems that the developers behind Custom Maid 3D have released an update that will allow the headset to be used in conjunction with the game!

Erotic games are not new to the Oculus Rift and some of you might have heard of Wicked Paradise, so technically this update to Custom Maid 3D will make it the second erotic game to support the Oculus Rift headset. While we have to play the game for ourselves, and with no plans to at the moment, we can’t really comment on what the experience is like, but assuming it was pleasurable before, we can only imagine the sensation will be kicked up a notch thanks to a more immersive gameplay.

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