wordswithfriendsSome of you guys might have heard of Zynga’s “with friends” series of games, like Words With Friends being one of them. Some of you might have also heard of a parody type of app called Bang With Friends, which is essentially an app that allows people to hook up with each other for casual sex. Given that the names are somewhat similar, we’re surprised it actually took Zynga this long to sue them, but it looks like they finally have.

Zynga has recently sued the makers behind the app over alleged trademark infringement on the “with friends” name, and are seeking a court order that will bar the company from using the Bang With Friends name in conjunction with social networking applications in the US. They are also seeking damages, although it was unspecified as to how much Zynga was asking for. Given that both apps are completely different in their intents and purpose, we doubt anyone would have confused the apps, but what do you guys think? Is this Zynga’s attempts at trying to get some money, especially after their recent bout of staff cuts?

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