Words With Friends TV Show Being Developed

There are countless games available for our mobile devices but only a few have been able to propel themselves into the international limelight. Words With Friends is one such game. Developed by Zynga, this puzzle game has been immensely popular ever since it came out. The developer will now be taking it beyond the mobile phone. It has teamed up with MGM Television to develop a primetime TV show for […]

Zynga Goes Back To Basics With FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Zynga’s FarmVille was once very popular. You would receive dozens of requests from people on Facebook who played the game. It was designed in way that players often needed to request their friends on Facebook to join in just to progress beyond a certain stage. Zynga then released a mobile version in 2010 which was essentially meant as an alternative method to play the desktop version on mobile. The company […]

Zynga Takes Mobile Route With FarmVille, Words With Friends

Zynga has gone through some rather tough times last year with the shedding of their workforce (up to 18%), but I suppose it makes sense that when one hits rock bottom, there is no where else to go but up. Zynga intends to make the most out of this year, where they have plans to introduce a trio of new and yet instantly recognizable mobile games. FarmVille 2: Country Escape […]

Zynga To Start Testing Bitcoin As A Payment Option

The amount of news surrounding Bitcoin these days is just too much to ignore. After all it is related to money, and whenever money is concerned, you can bet there will be just as many people interested. For those learning about Bitcoin for the first time, it is essentially a virtual currency that is used digitally which also relies on cryptography to control its creation as well as transfer of […]


Candy Crush Saga Developer Apparently Files For IPO

Even if you don’t play this insanely popular game on Facebook, you’ve probably heard about it or have received a request from one of your Facebook friends. Right now, Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game being played on the world’s largest social network. It logged 9.7 million daily active users back in January, breaking FarmVille 2’s record of 8.7 million daily active users. U.K. based King is the developer of […]

Zynga Sues Makers Of “Bang With Friends” App Over Alleged Trademark Infringement

Some of you guys might have heard of Zynga’s “with friends” series of games, like Words With Friends being one of them. Some of you might have also heard of a parody type of app called Bang With Friends, which is essentially an app that allows people to hook up with each other for casual sex. Given that the names are somewhat similar, we’re surprised it actually took Zynga this […]

Don Mattrick Reportedly Tried To Acquire Zynga While At Microsoft

You might have heard the reports of Don Mattrick, the former Microsoft executive who ran Microsoft’s Xbox business, leaving for Zynga, and it turns out that Microsoft and Zynga could be more closely related than we might have initially thought. According to report on Bloomberg, word on the street has it that prior to Mattrick leaving for Zynga, he had attempted to acquire Zynga on Microsoft’s behalf. This attempt at […]

Zynga Accidentally Directs Customers To Wrong Customer Service, Hilarity Ensues

A company’s customer service can sometimes make or break the reputation of the firm. After all these are the people you turn to for help when there’s something wrong with the product, and if an inadequate response is given, customers could lose faith in the company and might start seeking alternatives. In Zynga’s case it looks like they might have accidentally dropped the ball for the customer service for one […]

Xbox Head Don Mattrick Leaving Microsoft For Zynga [Rumor]

Microsoft’s Xbox boss Don Mattrick is reportedly leaving the company to work for Zynga.

Pokki Partners With Acer To Deliver Zynga Games

Pokki is set to deliver Zynga.com games to Acer computers.

OMGPop Shuts Down, Cost Zynga $450k A Day

It was just last year when OMGPop’s game, Draw Something, was something of a huge hit, to the extent where screen captures of the game started appearing on my Facebook newsfeed. Due to huge popularity, Zynga decided to acquire the company, hoping that it will be able to build off the success of Draw Something. Unfortunately it seems that the novelty of the game quickly wore off, losing as many […]

Zynga Sheds 18% Of Workforce

Zynga has decided to cut down on their workforce by 18%.

Zynga’s Endless Runner ‘Running With Friends’ Now Available On iOS

Earlier this year, Zynga revealed they were working on a new “with friends” game called Running with Friends as an endless runner game set in Spain. The game seemed to have borrowed much of what made Temple Run so popular, and Running with Friends is now officially available.In Running with Friends, you’ll be running through the streets of Pamplona, Spain for one of its most recognized traditions, the running of […]

Draw Something 2 Launches In The US

Zynga certainly had quite a massive hit with the Draw Something game last year, although they will need far more than just Draw Something to keep the company’s earnings results in line with expectations from the general market. Well, you know how the saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, which is why a sequel to Draw Something leaked sometime in the middle of last month, and […]