Some people take their Tetris game more seriously than others, and the video above might just change the way you look at the game – ever. It seems that the video depicts a human Tetris player who managed to clear the 20 second mark on a 40 line sprint mode. To the uninitiated, a “line sprint” would mean making an attempt to clear a specific number of lines (40 in this case) within the shortest time possible. The player, “Keroco”, managed to complete this particularly phenomenal feat in 19.68 seconds, which is the fastest time ever recorded. In fact, Keroco’s feat has been touted to be one of the greatest achievements in gaming history, and I am afraid that I am quite close to agreeing with such a claim.

There are some naysayers in the YouTube video who commented that the entire video was sped up, or it was doctored, but I am inclined to say that this is as good as it gets. In fact, Keroco has an entire page of YouTube videos that depict progressively faster times en route to arriving at this monumental effort. In fact, if you were to think about it, Keroco was throwing down 5 tetrominoes per second, how insane is that?

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