If you are talking about the puzzle game known as Tetris, then you know for sure that just about every single video gamer worth his or her salt would know about this particular title. After all, something that is so simple has managed to captivate and capture the attention of many for so many decades, arriving in newer iterations from time to time but never growing old of its concept. It goes without saying then that Tetris looks set to live on for a very, very long time, and it has even received yet another publicity boost when a certain Øyvind Berntsen decided to incorporate the game into his bookshelf – transforming it into a full wall of Tetris.

Øyvind Berntsen is no ordinary person, as he managed to propose to his girlfriend by building a bookshelf with the classic handset game Snake programmed into it, so to see him make changes to the idea by incorporating Tetris is not surprising for someone of his capability. It will make use of LED lights as well as a computer in order to get the job done, where each section of the bookshelf has been programmed to play Tetris. What other games do you think are suitable for a bookshelf?

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