You normally require a lot of focus and concentration to break a world record of any kind. One needs to be exceptional at what they do in order to set a world record any way. However, it’s also possible to lose your focus when you’re trying to break a record and end up setting a new one in the process. That’s precisely what this game streamer did when he was trying to break the world record for speed-clearing 100 lines.

Jonas Neubauer (AKA NubbinsGoody) is an amazing NES Tetris player. That much is a given now. He was attempting to break the world record for the fastest 100 lines. For a while it felt like he would be able to break the record until he slipped up and gave up on the attempt.

When he checked his Twitch comments after that he realized that he had actually become the first person ever to reach 300,000 points in under two minutes. He crossed the milestone in 1 minute and 57 seconds.

Neubauer even acknowledges this at the two-minute mark in the video. “That was a fast 300,000” he said but it doesn’t register with him then as he’s trying to break the world record for speed-clearing 100 lines.

In case you were wondering whether he was able to break the world record that he was actually attempting to, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that he ended up breaking that record as well.

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