tetris-30thRemember in 2014 we reported that a movie about Tetris was going to be made? We know, it sounded a bit ridiculous back then (and still is a little even today) because Tetris is basically a game about bricks falling from the sky and players having to rotate it to ensure that it falls into place, so in terms of a story, it is practically non-existent.

Even if a story were to be crafted around it, off the top of our heads we can’t really imagine anything right now. While there have been some success with video game-themed movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Adam Sandler’s Pixels certainly didn’t do the genre any favors. However it seems that Threshold Entertainment thinks that the movie could be huge, so much so that according to a report from Deadline, the Tetris movie will actually be part of a trilogy.

The movie is expected to be filmed in China with a Chinese cast and according to the movie’s producer Larry Kasanoff, it will be billed as a sci-fi thriller and apparently “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise.” We admit we are rather skeptical of how a Tetris movie might work, but given that the Angry Birds movie has done well for itself even with the game having a rather thin storyline, who knows, we could be surprised. In the meantime anyone else looking forward to seeing what the Tetris movie could have in store for us when it is released?

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