Tetris Effect Release Date For PC, Rift, And Vive Confirmed

Tetris Effect’s PS4 and PlayStation VR exclusivity is coming to an end. The release date for this title has been confirmed for PC, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift VR headsets. This game was first released for the PlayStation 4 last year. Billed as the “ultimate version” of the game, Tetris Effect is capable of displaying resolutions of 4K or more with an uncapped frame rate.

Nintendo Allows Tetris 99 Offline Play For $9.99

Nintendo released Tetris 99 as a free-to-play game for the Switch but with a catch. It was available to Switch Online members which meant that those who wanted to play this game had to get a membership to Switch Online. That will no longer be the case as Nintendo is now allowing people to play the game offline, provided they pay $9.99 for the privilege.

This Streamer Accidentally Broke A Tetris World Record

You normally require a lot of focus and concentration to break a world record of any kind. One needs to be exceptional at what they do in order to set a world record any way. However, it’s also possible to lose your focus when you’re trying to break a record and end up setting a new one in the process. That’s precisely what this game streamer did when he was […]

Man Programmes Tetris Into Bookshelf

If you are talking about the puzzle game known as Tetris, then you know for sure that just about every single video gamer worth his or her salt would know about this particular title. After all, something that is so simple has managed to captivate and capture the attention of many for so many decades, arriving in newer iterations from time to time but never growing old of its concept. […]


The Tetris Movie Will Be Part Of A Trilogy (No, Really)

Remember in 2014 we reported that a movie about Tetris was going to be made? We know, it sounded a bit ridiculous back then (and still is a little even today) because Tetris is basically a game about bricks falling from the sky and players having to rotate it to ensure that it falls into place, so in terms of a story, it is practically non-existent.

Experts: Tetris Might Reduce PTSD

Hey, when you are at a loss, you would want to trust experts to be able to help you out, right? It seems that one who is suffering from a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will be able to reduce the severity of it through the playing of Tetris, of all things. Apparently, the experts claim that doing so might be able to help block out bad memories.

World Video Game Hall Of Fame Has Its First Six Titles

There are hall of fames for everything, like rock music, sports players, food, so why not video games, right? Well if you’re wondering what kind of titles would make the cut as far as video games are concerned, The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame has recently announced its first six inductees.If you’ve been playing video games for a while, chances are you won’t be surprised at some of […]

Is It Possible To Beat Tetris? Apparently So!

When it comes to a game like Tetris, there does not seem to be any way to beat it – regardless of how fast your reflexes are coupled with impeccable hand-eye co-ordination for human standards, or so we think. Master Tetris player Kevin Birrell was the one who managed to achieve the seemingly impossible “MasterM” ranking in Tetris the Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct, where he even had to contend […]

Tetris Movie Is In The Pipeline

A movie about Tron is definitely cool – way too cool, and thankfully, the remake that was released a few years ago had the advantage of brilliant CGI getting the job done, although the actors, too, had to have their fair share of acting. However, just how the heck can one actually come up with a movie adapted from the classic ‘80s puzzle video game “Tetris” is set to hit […]

Arduboy Lets You Play Tetris On A Bracelet

What are some of the places where one can play the classic block puzzle game Tetris? Well, some folks do bring their Game Boy with them wherever they went in the past, which means Tetris is playable all over the place, while others have managed to actually enabled a game of Tetris to be played on a building itself – yes sir, you read that right! This time around, here […]

Play Tetris On Your T-Shirt

Tetris turned 30 this year, and we have seen how the game has continued to enthrall gamers of all ages and generation throughout these decades without losing too much momentum. In fact, Tetris has gained even more exposure with so many different gaming platforms, not to mention being played on a building itself – now how cool is that? Having said that, developer Marc Kerger decided to celebrate Tetris’ 30th […]

Cira Centre Skyscraper Shows Off Tetris

Tetris, a 30 year old game, has been played on the surface of buildings in the past, but this time around, it seems that a new Guinness World Record is set as Tetris is played on both north and south sides of Brandywine Realty Trust’s Cira Centre skyscraper, turning it into the largest architectural videogame display in the world.

Tetris To Turn 30 Soon

Just about anyone who plays video games today would certainly have given the classic title Tetri a go, whether recently on Facebook or in the past on a Gameboy, or if one were to rewind the clock even further, at a dingy looking arcade while you continue to feed quarters into the Tetris machine, as your patience for the “I” tetrimino failed for the umpteenth time. Well, Tetris is set […]

Tetris Played On Philadelphia Skyscraper

History was created on Saturday night, when a game of Tetris was played on the walls of a 29-story Philadelphia skyscraper, where that gargantuan surface hosted what many deem to be the “world’s largest game of Tetris,” and chances are pretty good that this will also be the largest videogame overall in the world, too. Just such a spectacle was made possible thanks to a team that was led by […]