Different people respond to different types of alarms in order to wake up. Some people who are light sleepers can wake up to a regular alarm ring, while others might need something much louder, while the extremely heavy sleepers could require more creative methods, and if you’re the sort of person who considers themselves immune to the sound of alarm ring tones, perhaps the CARROT Alarm could be worth checking out. Developed by the folks behind the creative CARROT to-do manager app, the new Alarm clock app will utilize the same sadistic AI that will actually threaten you if you don’t get out of bed!

To ensure that the user wakes up instead of mashing the snooze button, the app will rely on a combination of threats, rewards, and mini-games to ensure full compliance. It’s a pretty cute app and it even comes with a scoring system that will allow you to level up, so for those who love achievements and accomplishing “missions”, this could be the alarm clock app for you. The app is priced at $0.99 and is available from the iTunes App Store if you wish to get your hands on it.

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