There is nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in on a nice, cool morning (especially when it rains outside), but for the most of us, our sweet rest is interrupted not by a crowing rooster, but the din of an alarm clock. It doesn’t matter whether it is the traditional ring or your favorite artist singing, waking up without getting enough sleep is never a nice feeling to have. Enter this particular alarm clock that ought to help you get out of bed in the most cruel way possible – it lacks a snooze button, and cannot be unplugged to shut it up, with the only alternative to return to your 5 more minutes of slumber being to enter a PIN code.

This might very well be the world’s most exasperating alarm clock, and I suppose in a less rational moment, one might actually fling it against the wall in rage. As for the type of sound, it emits the traditional concierge bell that is pressed hard and rapidly, which is a surefire way to irritate any sleeping beauties. The $350 price tag might place this out of reach for many though.

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