Apart from annoying family members, friends and possibly the family pet, I personally haven’t found much use for my Nerf gun. Sure it’s pretty fun and awesome, but it’s not “practical”, at least until we came across this Nerf Shoot to Snooze Alarm Clock. In case the name did not already give it away, this is an alarm clock that if you want it to snooze and gain that extra 10-15 minutes of sleep, you’ve got to be pretty proficient with your aiming your Nerf gun. Of course you could always cheat by tapping the alarm clock, but where’s the fun in that, right? Apart from its fun factor, the alarm clock comes with your basic alarm functions, such as a night light, 12/24 hour clock display, an AM/PM indicator, a standard melody alarm, snooze function, date display and temperature display. For those interested in getting their hands on one of these, you can head on over to Agros’ website where it is currently retailing for £14.99.

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