origin-eaElectronic Arts is not a publisher that most people have always been happy with, but this does not mean that they have not rolled out some pretty good games in the past. In fact, we are rather pleased to hear that Electronic Arts (EA in short) has just introduced the Origin Great Game Guarantee, where one is allowed to return a game for a full refund – as long as it falls within selected guidelines, of course. Having already launched the Humble Origin Bundle last week, the Origin Great Game Guarantee is something that ought to whet most peoples’ appetites – in a nutshell, you are able to return just about any full game download on the PC or Mac for a full refund.

Yes, EA intends to be serious about this commitment, but one of the conditions would be this – games will have to be returned within 24 hours of its initial launch, or within seven days from the initial purchase, or within seven days of the game’s release date if you happen to have placed a pre-order. The condition that is met first will be the deciding factor to prevent any potential misunderstandings, and it is a move that has rarely involved digital game purchases. Do you like what EA has announced?

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