forza-5-orange-carWhen the Xbox One was announced sometime in the middle of this year along with all the juicy details, one of the games mentioned was Forza Motorsport 5, which proved to be quite a stunner. Since beauty is only skin deep, a car racing game would work even better when you have AI that acts more like a human driver than a computer, which is what Forza 5 is set to deliver when it arrives on store shelves (although you will still need to download a bunch of data after installation on your Xbox One before the game can run prim and proper).


Dan Greenawalt, creative director for Forza Motorsport 5, has sang praises about the Xbox One’s cloud servers, touting it as a “tremendous opportunity” which his team made full use of in order to handle the AI (artificial intelligence) elements in the game, including the Drivatar system, which normally used up to 20% of the console’s processing power.

However, with Xbox One’s cloud servers handling the AI elements in Forza 5, it was capable of handling a whole lot more complexity, and Greenawalt was quoted that they managed to achieve a boost which was equivalent to “600 percent” of the actual Xbox’s brains. Hopefully the theoretically freed up 20% or so processing power of the console would be able to be put to better use elsewhere.

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