With the PS5 and Xbox Series X having been launched, we’re sure that those who own the previous-gen consoles are wondering about support for the future. We imagine that there will still be games created for those consoles in mind, and the good news is that if you’re looking forward to new games, EA has reassured that its upcoming 2021 Battlefield title will be playable on last-gen consoles.

In a way, this doesn’t really come as a surprise. Usually when new consoles are launched, there is a transitionary period where developers usually try to bridge the gap by developing for both last-gen and current-gen. This is to prevent the alienation of players who have yet to upgrade to the newer consoles but also don’t want to miss out on the new games. However, what’s interesting is that when EA first announced plans for a 2021 Battlefield title, the company hyped it up by saying it will be a “true next-gen vision” for the franchise.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson has since clarified those comments by saying, “In the case of Battlefield, what we can do with respect to the amount of plays that we can have in the game and the nature of destruction of those only in Battlefield moments that are truly next-gen opportunities that we’re able to do in the context of our next-gen franchises, because of the increased processing power in memory and output of the new consoles.”

The 2021 Battlefield game doesn’t have a name or a release date yet, but last we heard, a possible full announcement and trailer is scheduled for June.

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