While the Xbox Series X and Series S will be released next month, it seems that Microsoft is preparing one last hurrah for its Xbox One. The company has since taken the wraps off a Mandalorian themed Xbox One wireless controller and a charging stand that can be yours for $160.

We should point out that this controller could possibly be the last themed set that we see for the Xbox One series. This is because like we said, the next-gen consoles are due for a release soon and we expect that future collaborations or themed releases will most likely be focused on the next-gen consoles instead of its previous gen consoles.

Now, $160 is a bit steep for a controller that could soon be redundant, but you might want to take note that the Xbox One controller will work with the Xbox Series X and Series S. However, you might miss out on certain features that are exclusive to the Xbox Series X and Series S controllers, but they will work just fine if you’re not looking for anything too fancy.

The controllers are available for pre-order so if you’re interested, then head on over to Microsoft’s website to pre-order your controller today. The release date on the website states the 31st of December, but we imagine that it’s probably a placeholder.

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