Usually when consoles transition from one generation to the other, companies continue making and selling the previous-gen console for a period of time for gamers who might not want to buy the new console, at least not yet. However, if you were hoping to get your hands on an Xbox One, you’re out of luck.

According to a statement made to The Verge, senior director of Xbox console product marketing Cindy Walker told the publication and confirmed that production on the Xbox One series of consoles has actually stopped. In fact, it came to an end in 2020.

If it ended in 2020, why is this being brought up now? This is because Sony recently confirmed that they are continuing to produce PS4 consoles and plan to do so through 2022. This then led to the question of whether or not this is a strategy that Microsoft will be pursuing themselves given that both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles are so closely linked to each other in terms of competition.

However, based on Walker’s statement, that doesn’t look like it is the case. We imagine that there may be some retailers who have some old units left in stock, but it could be few and far between.

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