Microsoft recently performed another 180 as they had previously been adamant about the Xbox One requiring its Kinect sensor in addition to its bundle price of $499, to then announce the Xbox One will continue to function if it doesn’t have a Kinect sensor plugged in. This leaves those potential Xbox One owners to question what they’re going to do with their unused Kinect sensors. Well – Microsoft has announced they are planning to hold a “unique” Xbox One presentation at Gamescom this year that may answer that very question.

Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer spoke on Major Nelson’s podcast discussing Gamescom and what Xbox fans can expect from the show. “We’re gonna have a really short stage presentation with some news, talking about some unique exclusive coming to the platform,” Spencer said on the podcast. “We’re going to talk about Europe’s biggest franchise and maybe some interesting things.” What exactly those “interesting things” are is up for debate, with many speculating one of the surprises Microsoft has up its sleeve is a new Xbox One bundle which doesn’t have a Kinect sensor, which would hopefully drop the price of the bundle to a pocket-friendly $399. That’s purely speculation at this point, but if it turns out to be true, would you consider picking up an Xbox One?

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