The tablet boom was led by Apple’s iPad comfortably for about two years. Then Google released the Nexus 7 which punched a hole in the market, creating its very own niche. Other manufacturers followed suit and released their own 7 inch tablets, some had more success than others. Apple too released its 7 inch contender last year, and despite any doubts that people might have had about the relatively less screen real estate, the small tablets have been doing quite well in the market. Samsung has reportedly decreased orders for components that go into its 10 inch tablets as sales have fallen far below expectations due to tough competition from the 7 inch models. Less components mean less 10 inch tablets being produced.

Digitimes reports that Samsung has been selling some 8-8.8 million tablets each quarter this year, and is the second largest tablet vendor as Apple holds on to its first position. The publication says that Samsung is now adopting a strategy to “flood the market” with various tablets which will include 7, 8 and 10 inch models. 70 percent of all of Samsung’s 17 million tablets shipped in the first half of 2013 were accounted for by 7 inch tablets, the sub $200 price tag of these devices have reportedly boosted sales for the company, sources claim. They also claim that Samsung will next focus on the notebook market.

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